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First Published - February 11, 2015 The realities of a start-up are very similar to the realities of becoming a parent! Teething problems... Worrying about the baby's well being keeps parent's up at night, especially in the first few years. Now that my children are older it is worrying whether CoziDry will survive another year is what keeps me awake well into the night.   It's amazing to have come up with an idea... the CoziDry vest with its' built-in moisture-proof liner. And then, get the idea out of my head and made into a great range of products which have now been shipped to the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia & Qatar,   The journey from there to here has been arduous especially as I have a day-job to hold down....

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Protecting Your Precious Baby

November 10th 2016 This post has nothing to do with the benefits of CoziDry. I just stumbled upon this photo of my little boy shortly after he was born this evening.  It reminded me that there is nothing more precious or beautiful in the world then the moment a baby comes safely into this world. The God like genius of each connected cell coming together to form this amazing tiny innocent creature is a feat of creativity that never ceases to amaze.  As a 'normal' caring and responsible parent our primal instinct is to nurture, protect and care for our baby that has arrived into this world. A somewhat more chaotic one today post the Trump Clinton Election. My hopes...

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