First Published - February 11, 2015

The realities of a start-up are very similar to the realities of becoming a parent!

Teething problems... Worrying about the baby's well being keeps parent's up at night, especially in the first few years. Now that my children are older it is worrying whether CoziDry will survive another year is what keeps me awake well into the night. 

 It's amazing to have come up with an idea... the CoziDry vest with its' built-in moisture-proof liner. And then, get the idea out of my head and made into a great range of products which have now been shipped to the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia & Qatar, 

 The journey from there to here has been arduous especially as I have a day-job to hold down. There have been so many stages along the way that I have decided that I might just catalogue the journey in a few blogs over the next while, so that I will have something to jog the memory of my life when the Alzheimer's kicks in my dotage.  

 This whole concept was based on the 'real need' of my own first-born baby daughter, ZoeBelle. She was the first of my three super dribbly babies. My middle son dribbled and drooled until he was three, whilst he encountered some speech issues. Thankfully resolved. Basically 'Beethoven' had nothing on my kids. The amount of liquid that they expelled was amazing. I was constantly changing them and hated more than anything that feeling of damp and wet on their little chests.  

I had designed baby clothes for tons of brands in the early years of my career and had never even thought or comprehended the need for such a product range. Great companies with great products like, Mothercare, Boots, Dunnes Stores, Nautica, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, Carter's, Hush Puppies, Disney and wait for it... Barney. I grew to love this purple dinosaur when my children were small. 

And if anyone had said to this late Bloomer when I was in the full blush of youth that I would end up being a 'Momprenuer' at my age, I would have laughed heartily. But thanks to the recession and the need to re-invent myself again - here I am as drawn by my youngest daughter!

Little known fact the registered company name is 'BelleZoe Trading Ltd'. It's based on my daughter's name backwards. It means 'Beautiful Life'... I live in hope. This start-up malarkey ain’t sissies, even when the product is great and does what it says on the tin!


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