Protecting Your Precious Baby

November 10th 2016

This post has nothing to do with the benefits of CoziDry. I just stumbled upon this photo of my little boy shortly after he was born this evening. 

Protecting Your Precious Baby

It reminded me that there is nothing more precious or beautiful in the world then the moment a baby comes safely into this world. The God like genius of each connected cell coming together to form this amazing tiny innocent creature is a feat of creativity that never ceases to amaze. 

As a 'normal' caring and responsible parent our primal instinct is to nurture, protect and care for our baby that has arrived into this world. A somewhat more chaotic one today post the Trump Clinton Election. My hopes are that sanity will prevail.

Nurturing a good and caring environment whilst raising our babies and children inside our homes, within our pre-schools, schools and local community will hopefully radiate out into the world to keep their future safe and bright. This is my goodnight wish for my brood. 





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