Meet the CoziDry Midwife

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Meet the Midwife 

CoziDry is endorsed by : Midwife : Helen O' Carroll. RGN. RM.

Registered Nurse / Registered Midwife

'' I believe this product could be instrumental in helping Protect Infants and Young Babies, particularly from Chest Infections and related - Respiratory Type Illness - Due to its New Age Fibre content ''

Helen is a hugely experienced Midwife with over 20 yrs. caring for thousands of mothers & babies in Ireland and abroad in Hospitals and in the Community.

Her Research is Internationally Published in Medical Journals including BMJ ( British Medical Journal ).

 Helen runs  :1 Day Antenatal Classes in Dublin - Ireland

                      : Post Natal Care Groups

                      : Breast Feeding - Support

                      : Call The Midwife - Home Visits

                      : Paediatric First Aid - Course

For further information on Helen's classes please contact: