Tencel For Children

Tencel - A new age fibre for baby

Temperature-regulating, and soft on sensitive skin

Tencel® has proven to be very effective in helping children with sensitve skin. Tests have shown that the exceptionally smooth fiber surface of tencel has been found to be extremely pleasant on the skin and less irritating than many other fabrics including cotton.

Although everyone thinks that cotton is the smoothest of fibers, Tencel® is even smoother. Not only that,Tencel® is naturally pure as it is eucalyptus based and it is not burdened with chemicals.

One of the greatest attributes of Tencel® is 'moisture management'.  Tencel® absorbs 50% more moisture than cotton which makes it a perfect fabric for children's clothing.  In Tencel®, sub-microscopic channels between the individual fibre fibrils guarantee excepionally good moisture absorption and rapid moisture release.

Tencel® is the only fiber to exhibit the highest dimensional stability possible; making it robust and hard wearing which is especially good news for both parents and babies.